Teeth Whitening Guide

Nowadays, thanks to all the advancements in cosmetic dentistry, an attractive smile is a possibility for all. With time, our teeth tend to become discolored or stained.  This is unavoidable and can be caused due to several reasons. Teeth whitening treatments are a great option to produce a sparkling smile. Below you will find a list of the several teeth whitening processes that we offer at Independence Family Dental Care.

Take Home Trays

Take-home trays are great because they can be used in the comfort of your own home and self-administered to schedule treatments on your terms. Our dentist can provide you with a kit and instructions. You may be able to purchase these over-the-counter at any local pharmacy, but doing the treatment with the guidance of our dentist can help you get better results. These results are not immediate but they can be seen over time and can fit people with busy agendas, with travel commitments or simply those who like to put their treatment in their own hands. 

Zoom! In-House Teeth Whitening

The Zoom teeth whitening kit is comprised of a hydrogen peroxide gel and a lamp that delivers UV light that accelerates the whitening capacity of the gel. The safe, hydrogen peroxide gel is first applied to your teeth and the UV light acts as a catalyst to activate it, allowing oxygen to enter the enamel. The oxygen then bleaches the yellow surface of your teeth, resulting in a whiter smile. Over the last years, many new teeth whitening techniques have been devised with safer treatments and better results. Some of them have used a multi-stimulus approach for teeth whitening and are generally considered more invasive than the whitening trays. Although somewhat more invasive, they are still harmless and provide excellent results; however, they must be performed at our dental office. Zoom! is one of the whitening methods that have proven to be effective. The results can be appreciated in as little as one session.

Sometimes all it takes for a big enhancement in our appearance is a small step. We offer you a great way to enhance your smile and boost your confidence with expert teeth whitening. If you’re a resident of Kansas City, MO and are looking for any of the above teeth whitening procedures, feel free to contact Independence Family Dental Care.You may call us for an appointment or come to our office today. Our staff is here to answer any questions you might have.