Visiting a New Dentist

With the rising concerns about oral health issues, it has become a common trend for people to visit the dentist regularly. Visiting a dentist can be an overwhelming experience sometimes. It is common to find people who remain with their same doctor for many years, as they feel comfortable with the service. Life happens sometimes, however, and special circumstances such as moving to a new neighborhood, force people have to find new doctors.

Smile Reminders

It can be easy to forget when you scheduled a dental appointment but now we will remind you with a "Smile Reminder" via email or text message, and even provide driving directions if it's your initial visit. Just click on the link below to let us know how you'd like to be contacted. We'll do the rest!

Smile Reminder Consent Form

Download the release of records consent form.

Records Release Form

Making your Appointment

To schedule an appointment, contact us by calling or visiting our dental office so that our staff can assist you to find a day and time that is available and convenient for you. 

Pre-appointment Preparations 

If at all possible, any dental health historical records you can provide are very helpful to begin creating a profile for your particular case needs. Once the appointment is scheduled, you may go ahead and fill our online forms including your health history. It’s highly recommended to fill them out prior to the appointment, as it saves you time during your first visit. If you can't access these forms online, you can still save time by arriving early to your appointment and filling the required forms in person. Click the following link to download our new patient forms:

New Patient Form

Brushing and Flossing

Brushing and flossing before the appointment will help out dentist properly examine your teeth with efficiency and ease.

At the Dental Office

When you arrive at our dental office, please inform the receptionist so he or she can inform our dentist. After our dentist has been informed and all the necessary paperwork has been summited, a member of our staff will call your name and ask you to follow him/her to proceed with the consultation.

New Patient Paperwork

If satisfied with our dentist after the initial meeting, our team will further assist in setting up an appointment for you. Before the appointment, you will be required to fill out new patient forms along with providing any prior dental history or records. It is suggested that you come at least 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment to make sure that you have plenty of time to fill out these forms.

Your Health History

Before the dental exam is performed, talk to our dentist about your health history. This will give our dentist insight on your oral health and underlying causes of any present issues if any.


Our dentist may recommend you get professional teeth cleaning. Dental cleanings are meant to remove and maintain a healthy smile free of stains. During this cleaning session, our dentist will remove or “scale” accumulated plaque from outside or from in-between the teeth using our dental instruments. After a thorough cleaning has been done, our dentist will polish the teeth and may apply a minty paste to leave your mouth fresh.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are done so that our dentist can properly examine your teeth, jawbone and overall bone health. If you are pregnant please let our dentist know beforehand, since pregnant women should not be exposed to radiation.

Dental Exam

On the first visit, our dentist will perform a comprehensive dental examination. During this comprehensive exam, the dentist will check the mouth and teeth for any chronic or potential issues. The dentist will be checking for any periodontal diseases (also known as gum disease), tooth decay and gingivitis. Our dentist will also review the X-rays and let you know if there is anything that you should be concerned about. After the comprehensive exam is done, our dentist will formulate a custom-made treatment plan for you and inform you of any other recommendations.

Disease Prevention/Recommendations

After your treatment is over, our dentist may recommend products that help prevent future dental issues and ensure that your oral health is always at its best. some of the products recommended are fluoride toothpaste and mouthwashes that help prevent cavities, sealants, or a dental care kit.

Final Questions

This is the best time to ask our dentist any questions or doubts that may linger in your mind. Our dentist doesn’t mind demonstrating how to floss properly or the right brushing techniques, so asking for assistance is highly encouraged.

Scheduling the Next Visit

After your first visit, approach the receptionist to schedule your next appointment and to make any necessary payments. We will reschedule you based on our dentist’s recommendation and your availability.  

Follow Up Advice

When leaving our office, make sure to follow our dentist’s advice to keep your teeth clean and maintain optimal oral health long after treatment. Call816-478-0013 to contact Independence Family Dental Care in Kansas City, Missouri to receive our high quality dental services. Our team works hard to provide you the care you deserve!