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Invisalign: A Dental Realignment Procedure that Works

An advantage Invisalign has is the simplicity of the whole procedure. There is no longer a need to go through an extensive and time-consuming procedure in order to achieve the smile you want. Invisalign is revolutionary in this respect since it completely changed the way teeth were realigned to the specifications of the client.

As far as cosmetic dentistry is concerned, Invisalign is the ideal treatment, due to both the versatility the appliances present and their relative invisibility, which prevents anyone from actually spotting them except upon close examination.

To get a better understanding of how Invisalign is superior as a dental realignment system, the following are some more details on what the appliance actually is, and how it works, as well as the benefits of it:

Practical Benefits of Invisalign

Following are additional benefits of the Invisalign treatment:

  • The aligners are practically invisible to the naked eye unless observed closely. This is due to the material, which is strong yet clear. If the teeth are of a natural off-white color than the aligners can blend in with the natural color, thereby becoming difficult to see.

  • They are very versatile and can be worn throughout the day, except when one needs to eat. Generally, the Invisalign aligners can be worn for drinks and such, although it is better to take them off if the wearer is consuming hot drinks, as the temperature may affect the durability of the device. For food, simply take off the aligners and continue eating as usual. When it is time to apply them once again, make sure that the mouth is rinsed thoroughly and that there is no food debris left.

  • They fit very well due to the custom molding which is done by our dentist for each and every client. The fit provides much better alignment since there is more surface area through which the pressure is applied. This results in better adjustment. The greater surface area also means that the entire dental array moves as one. This helps produce a more uniform alignment.

  • The Invisalign device adjusts itself according to the desired position of the teeth. This is better for the client who is intending to wear them for the long term. They can be very comfortable and sometimes even be forgotten while on the teeth, making them a very good solution for a long-term application.

  • They suit an active lifestyle quite well since they do not require the person wearing them to be very careful with what they eat. All one needs to do is take off the appliances prior to eating. It is best to brush your teeth before inserting the aligners, to ensure that no food debris remains before the teeth get covered once again by the aligners.

Braces are the choice that many make looking to align their teeth, yet there are more options today than traditional metal braces that are worth considering. One choice in particular that has proven to be an effective alternative to metal braces is Invisalign. These features make Invisalign a great choice for you, if you are the one who is stressed with crooked and misaligned teeth. Invisalign is aimed to be a better fit for your teeth, by moving your teeth more precisely in order to give you a perfect and strong smile!

How Invisalign Works

The Invisalign device is applied to the teeth by our dentist and fitted tightly, leaving no room for the fixture to move. Once it is applied, the natural tension in the appliance starts to pull the teeth in the needed direction. The material from which they are made is completely clear and blends with the natural color of the teeth.

Common Dental Realignment Procedures and Treatments

To date, there have been many dental procedures, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most common procedures performed today and that we offer at our dental office.


The Invisalign is a commonly known treatment for alignment, as its major advantage is the transparency it offers.


Braces have been around for centuries, and function by aligning an individual teeth and structure. The centerpiece of the setup is the bracket, which is aligned in the center of the tooth with wires going through it.

The brackets are tightened, which pulls the tooth in the direction that our dentist wants the tooth to go. The same is done to the rest of the teeth that have brackets on them, and the entire dental array is arranged in this manner. Since the brackets are made of metal components, the alignment process tends to be quicker than the alternative.

Our Invisalign Treatment

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